Beautiful Summer is here.
I am so thankful that I am living in a country (or state) that has four seasons.
I love all seasons' differences!
Fresh green leaves and a warm wind make me go out for a walk.
I like to drink iced tea or iced coffee while walking around my town.
Today, I chose Ottogi honey citron iced tea!

Such a beautiful day to chill around.
Sun is brightly shining and the wind is gently blowing.


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You can taste the differentiated taste from other brands.
Our tea concentrates do not have any artificial flavorings.
It is all NATURAL and tastes GREAT!
By the way, I was surprised when people asked me what the citron is.
A citron is a fruit that resembles lemon and orange, I would say.

Ottogi Honey Citron Tea can be made as a hot or cold drink.
Our tea comes in a jam consistency that is easy to stir.
It is perfectly sweetened to satisfy everyone's unique tastes.
Kids love this sweet and citrusy drink in the summer.

  • Ottogi Honey Citron Tea
  • Ice Cubes
  • Water

Just prepare the OTTOGI HONEY CITRON TEA, sparkling water (regular water is just fine), and a cup with ice.

Take two spoons of Ottogi Honey Citron Tea and add them to a cup of water.
You can choose between putting it into the hot or cold water.

Look inside the OTTOGI HONEY CITRON TEA bottle.
Can you see the honeyed citron (yuzu)  pulp?
Then, mix thoroughly and add ice cubes to your drink.
The outcome will be a deliciously refreshing drink for your friends and family.
Add a hint of mint or rosemary to the tea for a better look and taste 😃

There are five different flavors of our honey tea; Citron, Jujube, Ginger, Quince, and Plum.
Even though it is called honey tea, you can use them as toppings on yogurt, pastries, or any desserts.