Did you shop anything on this year's Black Friday?
I finally purchased the air fryer! Yay~😍
As soon as my air fryer got delivered, I thought of using Ottogi Mini Rice Doughnut Ball Mix❤️.
I unpacked the doughnut ball mix quite quickly due to my tummy was making a sound.
Before making mini rice doughnuts, there are a few ingredients you need to prepare.
There are two of each flour mix and sugar powder.

What to prepare for 30 doughnut balls (500g)
  • One egg (60g)
  • Water (75mL)
  • Oil (24mL)
  • Mixing Bowl
Let's make the delicious snack now, yoohoo~😁


Put an egg (60g), water (75mL), and oil (24mL) all together into a mixing bowl and mix it well.


Add a packet of premix powder into a bowl with an egg-water. Then knead it for 2-3 minutes.


Make a shape of a ball (10g), size of a quail egg.
If you want to try bigger doughnuts, don't mind the size and go for it.
I made a little bit bigger than the direction.


(Deep Fried) According to the direction, I should deep fry this doughnut balls at 338 °F for 4-5 minutes. (The dough rises as much as twice.)
(Air Fried) For this time, I used the air fryer!
Fry doughnuts at 400°F for 8 minutes (roll around at 4 minutes)
Air fried mini doughnuts with or without oil have a different color, but the taste is just the same.

Sprinkle the sugar powder in the product for the better or sweeter taste!


Final sugar sprinkled mini rice doughnuts are served!
The color of doughnut is much tastier when you deep fry but much healthier when you air fry.
I recommend you to try both deep frying and air frying.