EGG BREAD is one of my favorite street food in Korea.  I thought of cooking egg bread with the Ottogi pancake mix that I purchased a week ago to make pancakes for my weekend. It was easy and simple to bake delicious egg bread on a Saturday morning. Let me share my recipe with you.




 There are only a few things you need to prepare.



Ottogi pancake mix
Eggs, Milk, Salt, Parsley, and Oil
If you have everything, let's start to make delicious egg bread!





How to make with an OVEN

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1. Make the batter with 1 Cup of pancake mix and 8 tbsp (120mL) of milk.





2. Spray oils to the baking pan.





3. Pour the batter up to 1/4 of the pan.





 4. Break an egg on the top of the batter. You can add bacon, cheese, onion, corn, or other toppings at this step. I didn't add any because I wanted to taste the same egg bread that I ate on the way back home from school.





5. Sprinkle salt and parsley.





 6. Pre-heat your oven at 400 Fahrenheit. 
Cover the pan with the aluminum foil to prevent the egg from drying up.
Bake the egg bread for 12 minutes.





 7. It is ready to be served.
Remove the egg bread from the pan!





Can you feel the texture of the egg bread? 




Egg bread's moist and soft texture is ideal for kids and the elderly. Since a whole egg is potted in the egg bread, eating just one egg bread brings a full stomach.





Egg bread is beautifully cooked! 
I cooked for 10 minutes in the oven.
I prefer you to bake two more minutes for the better texture!





On a beautiful Saturday morning, freshly baked egg bread and hot black coffee cheered me up. Plating my baked goods and tasting while it is still hot are my HAPPINESS of cooking/baking!




How to make with a Microwave

I also tried to cook egg bread using a microwave.





1. Pour the batter up the 1/4 oil sprayed paper cup. 
And cook 30 seconds in the microwave.
This step is to make the egg to stay in the middle of the bread.





 2. Break an egg on the top and sprinkle salt and parsley.
Cook one minute in the microwave.
(Do not forget to break the egg yolk.
If not, egg yolk will explode in the microwave.)





3. Cover the egg with a thin layer of batter and cook for one more minute in the microwave.
FYI, I cooked for one minute and 40 seconds because I wanted to see the golden brown color.
But do not overcook! Texture and taste are not as good as when it is soft.





 The photo above is final work from the microwave.



I cook egg bread with two ways using an oven and a microwave.
After tasting two finished works, I prefer the final product from the oven.
Either way is easy and delicious, though.
Make your egg bread and enjoy with your loved ones!