Have you ever heard about NU-RUNG-JI, Scorched Rice?
Koreans cuisine is based on rice. Mostly, Koreans eat rice with numbers of side dishes. When rice is cooked in a cooking pot, a thin layer of crusty browned rice is made. The thin crust layer of rice at the bottom of a cooking pot is NU-RUNG-JI, Scorched Rice.
Since Koreans eat rice almost every meal, we get NU-RUNG-JI a lot. NU-RUNG-JI is eaten as a snack or a simple meal with hot water.
One day, I wanted to cook pizza with NU-RUNG-JI. Let me share my rice pizza recipe with you!

Find Ottogi Scorched Rice at the nearest Korean supermarkets or Amazon!

Ingredients of Ottogi Scorched Rice:
  • Rice, Corn Powder, Salt
Ingredients of Scorched Rice Pizza:
  • Ottogi Scorched Rice
  • Vegetables of your choice (My choice: corn, mushrooms, onions, bell pepper, arugula)
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Mozzarella Cheese


Oil the bake-safe pan and add NU-RUNG-JI into the pan


Spread tomato sauce over the scorched rice


Add Corn


Add Onions and Bell Pepper


Add mushrooms


Add arugula


Add ham and cheese


Everything is ready for baking.
Bake your pizza at 400 ℉ for 20 minutes.


It is ready for serving.

As a person who cannot digest gluten well, I needed rice pizza!
Ummm~ It tastes so good!!!
I should have added more cheese. I recommend to add more arugula and then add more cheese.