A snowstorm hit the East, again. The city just stopped. I went home early from work.
I was craving for Korean kimchi pancake. Luckily, I had most ingredients to make it.
Kimchi, water, and Ottogi Korean pancake mix!
That was enough for the delicious Korean pancakes.
Before I cook kimchi pancake, let's look at the beautiful nature!
There are two pretty birdhouses in my backyard.

Some birds were living in them, but they left for warm weather. I hope they come back again in spring. 😃

Ingredients of Ottogi Korean Pancake Mix:
Wheat flour, Sugar, Salt, Tapioca starch, Glutinous rice flour, Potato starch, Guargum, Onion powder, Baking powder, Dextrin, Garlic powder, Gluten, Black pepper, Riboflavin

Contains Wheat


"OTTOGI KOREAN PANCAKE MIX is a mixture of flour seasoned with a variety of spices such as onion, garlic, black pepper, etc. By adding vegetables, seafood, and meat, it will bring out more flavors."

Directions: It can be used following Korean dishes

  • Grilled green onion pancake
  • Kimchi pancake
  • Red pepper pancake, and etc
How to store:
Please avoid direct sunlight and keep it dry and cool. Seal the remains tightly and keep in the refrigerator.

Ingredients of Ottogi Crispy & Savory Golden Korean Pancake Mix:
Wheat flour, Corn starch, Corn flour, Oxidized starch, Salt, Potato powder, Baking Powder, Garlic powder, Riboflavin

Contains Wheat


I used Ottogi Crispy & Savory Golden Korean Pancake Mix, instead of the regular one.

Using this will make the pancakes tastier, but the regular Korean pancake mix is also delicious.

Try both and taste the difference.

The amount of each ingredient you need, according to serving size is listed below.

For 1 Serving: about two sheets

  • Ottogi Korean Pancake Mix: 100g
  • Cold Water: 150mL (3/4 Cups)
For 2 Servings: about four sheets
  • Ottogi Korean Pancake Mix: 200g
  • Cold Water: 300mL (1 and 1/2 Cups)
For 5 Servings: about ten sheets
  • Ottogi Korean Pancake Mix: 500g
  • Cold Water: 800mL (4 Cups)
Let's make it for 5 servings. I am starving... 😋


Prepare a large bowl and add 500g of pancake mix.


Add 800mL(4 Cups) of cold water.
FYI, cold water makes the pancakes crispier.


Mix them well until you don't see any chunks.


Prepare some vegetables you want to add.
I like to add only a few, such as onions and scallions.
You can add seafood or meat if you like.
For me, only vegetables! (Not a vegetarian)


Finally, add chopped kimchi.
I add 3 cups of kimchi.


Mix them all together well.
You see the orange-red (can't describe this color!) color?

If you do, it is finally ready to be cooked!


Heat your pan and add oil.

I used Ottogi Fresco Canola Oi.


Pour some batter into the pan and cook until the pancake is golden brown on edge. 

Cook it for 2~3 minutes over med-high heat.


Flip the pancake and cook the other side for 1-2 minutes.

Press the pancake with a spatula while cooking to make it crispier.

Then, it is ready to be served.

I flipped the pancake once more and cooked it for one more minute over low heat to make it more crispy and hotter.

Delicious kimchi pancakes can get you through the tough day.

You can make so many other kinds of Korean dishes with the Ottogi Korean Pancake Mix.

I will be back with more recipes