Have you ever shop food on Amazon?
What a convenient World to live in! One day, I was curious and bought ice cream on Amazon. It was expensive but arrived in a good condition with dried ice 😀
I shopped Korean food products on Amazon a lot when I was in college. My shopping list includes instant rice and ramen noodle soup. Do you want to know which Korean food products are popular on Amazon?
Since there are many Korean food Products are listed on Amazon, I had to narrow down to 10!

1. Instant Cooked Rice

Ottogi Delicious Cooked Rice / Cooked Brown Rice / Cooked Black Rice

2. Roasted Sesame Oil

Ottogi Premium Roasted Sesame Oil

3. Korean Rice Syrup

Ottogi Korean Rice Syrup

4. Honey Tea

Ottogi Honey Citron Tea / Honey Ginger Tea

5. Ramen Pack

Ottogi Jin Ramen (Mild Taste) / Jin Ramen (Spicy Taste)

6. Ramen Cup

Ottogi Jin Ramen (Mild Taste)Cup / Jin Ramen (Spicy Taste) Cup / Spicy Beef Noodle Soup Cup

7. Korean Vermicelli (Glass Noodles)

Ottogi Korean Vermicelli

8. Porridge Bowl

Ottogi Abalone Rice Porridge / Sweet Pumpkin Porridge / Sweet Red-Bean Porridge / Tuna Rice Porridge

10. Rice Cup

Ottogi Kimchi Tuna Rice Cup / Spicy Octopus Rice Cup / Cooked Rice with Dried Pollack Soup / Cooked Rice with Beef Seaweed Soup / Cooked Rice and Beef Bone Soup

Are you interested in shopping these products on Amazon?
Here is the link to it!
Have a good shopping 😀